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Polly Pig Options

Double-dished Pipeline Pig

Double-dished ends

All Knapp Polly Pig are availble with both ends dished to enhance dewatering capabilities.

Double-nose Pig

Double-nose option

All Knapp Polly Pigs are available with noses on each end to give the pig enhanced bi-directional capability.


Pig Tracking Option

Pig Tracking Options

The All Knapp Polly Pigs larger than 2" are available with cavities and retaining doors to carry electromagnetic or acoustix transmitters used to locate the pig's position.


Pig by-pass ports

By-pass ports

All Knapp Polly Pigs are available with by-pass ports running from the base through the nose of the pig.

Pig ropes and straps

Handling ropes and straps

All Knapp Polly Pigs are available with nylon handling ropes, lifting straps or steel wire cable

Extended length Pig

Extended length option

All Knapp Polly Pigs are available in extended length versions to assist the pig in passing through piggable wyes, and offset or unbarred tees.

Pipeline Cleaning Pigs
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